Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings

Our objective is to assist you in finding the best cordless phones to meet your requirements. At first glance it may seem that they are all the same, but that's not the case. Hopefully our cordless phone reviews and comparisons will expose the differences and assist you in identifying the options that are right for you.

While the best cordless phones are hard to fault, there are others that are best avoided. Don't assume that all DECT 6.0 phones are the same. There are big differences between them including: call clarity, range, talk time, wall mounts, big or small buttons, amplification, answering machines, waterproof, one, two or four lines, battery back up ...

The Best Cordless Phones

The top rated cordless phones offer many features that aren't available on basic DECT 6.0 phones. Take Panasonic's DECT 6.0 Plus phones, they set the pace for the introduction of innovative features. Other manufacturers such as Vtech and Uniden have gone down the path of offering more generic cordless phones with few extras, but at a lower cost. In the case of Vtech phones it's a strategy that has worked well, as many consumers are obviously less concerned with having the latest technology and more interested in getting a reliable but cheap cordless phone.

Something to be aware of that will save you time when comparing cordless phones, is that while all brands offer basic cordless home phones, few address every niche with the same commitment:

Best Cordless Phones
  • Two line cordless phones
  • 4 line cordless phones
  • Cordless wall phones
  • VoIP cordless phones
  • Cordless headset phones
  • Waterproof phones

In most cases there are just two or at most three serious contenders in each niche, which makes it relatively easy to scan the cordless phone reviews and pick a winner. For example in the case of small office phone systems and 4 line phones it's going to be either a Vtech or Panasonic cordless phone.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Just a few years ago Siemens was the only company with a viable Bluetooth cordless phone. That's no longer the case, others including Uniden, Vtech, AT&T and of course Panasonic have jumped on the band wagon. As just about everyone has a Bluetooth enabled cell phone the advantages of pairing with a Bluetooth home phone are clear. Hopefully we can help you find the best Bluetooth cordless phone.

VoIP Cordless Phones

Yet another development that has picked up momentum in recent years is the increasing popularity of VoIP cordless phones. Consumers are ditching their land line phone services and either going exclusively cellular or switching to a VoIP home phone service. Most voice service providers (VSP's) offer a black box or ATA that enables an existing cordless phone to be used, but there are better alternatives. Our favorite is a Siemens dual mode broadband cordless phone. It delivers exceptional voice clarity over the cheapest VoIP services.


As competition has increased the cost of cordless phones has come down. These developments have seen a number of manufacturers pull out of the market including Sanyo, Sony. Others including ATT and GE phones are now manufactured and sold under licence by other organizations. It definitely pays to check out the latest cordless phone reviews in order to find the best phones and avoid the duds.

Top of Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings

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