4 Line Phone Systems
ATT SB67108 vs. Panasonic KX-TG4500B

Every year millions of small business owners take on the task of comparing 4 line phone systems. They are well aware that its an important decision, but many feel ill equipped to compare the alternatives. Small business telephone systems come in all shapes and sizes and costs vary enormously.

In our experience 4 line cordless phones are more often than not the best solution for a small business buying its first 4 line phone system. Commercial cordless phones are low risk investments. They work reliably and the two most popular brands are loaded with features and functionality. Better still they are cheaper than all the alternatives.

4 Line Cordless Phones

In comparing 4 line phone systems it's essential to take into account "all" of the costs. In the case of corded systems and VoIP phone systems there are nearly always significant wiring and installation costs. On the other hand cordless small office phone systems typically require little or no additional wiring. They can also be installed in minutes by anyone who can put a plug in a socket.

The other great thing about 4 line cordless phones is that there are only two serious candidates to choose between and they both offer similar features.

ATT SB67108 - 4 Line Phone System

The SB67108 is the latest in 4 line cordless phones. It employs DECT 6.0 technology, which means amongst other things that it's immune to most forms of interference.

Up to ten handsets can be used with this ATT cordless phone.

The most significant difference between the SB67108 and alternatives is it's cordless phone range. Range extenders can be added to overcome issues with blind spots and multi-level buildings.

In any environment where cordless phone range is a potential concern this is the phone to get.

Panasonic KX-TG4500B - 4 Line Phone System

The KX-TG4500B is a proven warhorse that is used in thousands of small businesses. It doesn't employ the latest DECT 6.0 technology, but most users don't care. Very few have any issues with interference and it has almost identical functionality as the ATT phone.

The KX-TG4500B is slightly less expandable than the ATT cordless phone. A maximum of eight cordless handsets can be connected.

If you want to clip a handset onto your belt and use a cordless phone headset the Panasonic phone is the one to get. Handsets on the ATT phone don't come with belt clips or 2.5mm headset jacks.

Unfortunately there is no option to add range extenders to the Panasonic cordless telephone, so it's not the best solution in every situation.


Cordless 4 line phone systems are a tried and proven solution to the requirements of small businesses.

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