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Telephones for the Hard of Hearing

When selecting an amplified cordless phone the issue that generally presents the greatest challenge is deciding on the level of amplification required. It's especially tricky when buying a phone for a friend or relative. The answer is to always err on the side of too much rather than too little amplification. Hearing impaired phones are never described as too loud, but complaints about inadequate or ineffective amplification are common.

When asked to recommend an amplified cordless phone we usually suggest a Clarity Phone with between thirty and fifty decibels of amplification. Strictly speaking these phones are designed for use by people with moderate to severe hearing loss, however that doesn't mean they can't be used by those with a mild hearing disability. They simply turn the volume down if necessary. The fact is people are often disinclined to say they have a severe hearing impairment, but will reluctantly concede to having a mild hearing problem. Rather than waste money on a phone that's going to disappoint, it's better to get a solution that over delivers.

Which Amplified Cordless Phones?

Best Amplified Cordless Phone

The main reason why we recommend Clarity over other brands of hearing impaired telephones, is that the company has specialized in this niche for many years. its patented DCP technology amplifies without distorting voice communication. It's also one of the few to manufacture a fifty decibel phone.

Clarity has the most extensive range of phones. They include options for all levels of hearing impairment, however it's the C4220 and C4230 that we generally recommend. In addition to fifty decibels of amplification and Clarity's proprietary DCP technology they feature:

  • Concave earpieces that very effectively eliminate background noises and enhance call clarity.
  • Highly effective visual ringers both on the base and handsets.
  • Four tone settings that users can adjust to meet their personal requirements.
  • Unlike most cordless phones the handsets have full duplex speakerphones. Both parties can speak concurrently without those annoying dead spots as one or other party is cut out.

The only issue for some consumers is that the C4220 and C4230 are 5.8 GHz phones. In our view that's not necesarily a short coming. In nearly all respects they perform in exactly the same way as the latest DECT 6.0 phones.


While there are a large number of twenty to thirty decibel amplified cordless phones manufactured by Clarity, Uniden, GE and others we strongly recommend the Clarity Professional range over these options. They are very unlikely to disappoint and will deliver many years of reliable service.

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Best Phones for Hearing Impaired - the starting point is to ascertain the level of amplification required. It's not the only consideration, but it's the most important.

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