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The cheapest cordless phone headset is without doubt the best. The Panasonic KX-TCA60 is one of those rare finds that costs next to nothing, but works really well. When evaluating a cordless telephone headset we look for two things: comfort and clarity. It gets a big tick on both counts.

In every other respect the KX-TCA60 is pretty basic. There is no mute switch or even a volume control, but in our view they are not required anyway. We would rather use the controls on the cordless handset and keep the cordless phone headset as simple as possible. As a result there are fewer things to go wrong and they last longer than the alternatives.

Phones with 2.5mm Jacks

Headset Telephone

While all Panasonic cordless telephones have standard 2.5mm jacks, it appears that some manufacturers are phasing them out. The latest Vtech and ATT phones don't have jacks for connecting a wired cordless telephone headset. It presumably enables them to shave a cent or two off their manufacturing costs. However, we suspect it's also a way of encouraging consumers to buy devices such the AT&T TL7600 cordless headset.

The TL7600 is a nice piece of equipment, but with limitations. They can only be used with the latest ATT cordless phones and they aren't cheap. Before laying out close to $100 we would be tempted to consider a more versatile option such as the Plantronics CT14 cordless headset phone.

Plantronics CT14

Cordless Headset Phone

The Plantronics CT14 is the ultimate hands free cordless phone. It's a complete DECT 6.0 phone together with a small dial pad that can be clipped onto clothing or tucked into a pocket. The whole thing costs less than an ATT TL7600 that can only be used to receive calls.

If you don't already own a Panasonic cordless phone that can be used with one or more KX-TCA60 cordless phone headsets you may want to consider a Plantronics CT14. They are top rated cordless phone systems with the added benefit of being designed specifically for busy multi-taskers who need to stay on the move.


Everyone with a Panasonic cordless phone should run out and get a KX-TCA60 cordless phone headset. It's a no brainer. They're cheap, work brilliantly and it's too easy to forget that you are wearing one.

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