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The best starting point in choosing phones for the hearing impaired is to ascertain the level of amplification required. It's essential to know whether the intended user has mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. The level of amplification isn't the only issue, but it's the most important.

Other factors to consider include the ability to adjust volume and tone. The controls need to be conveniently positioned and easily adjusted. Handsets should also be comfortable to hold and have large well spaced buttons.

Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss

Hearing Impaired Phones

Clarity Phones are the benchmark when comparing phones for hearing impaired. The company has been manufacturing amplified cordless handsets since the late 60's. It's proprietary DCP technology counteracts factors that reduce the clarity of hearing impaired telephones. They are not only louder, but clearer as well.

Clarity has covered all the bases with it's hearing impaired telephones. They include: corded, cordless, corded cordless phones for all levels of hearing loss.

The Clarity C4220 and C4230 50 decibel phones are the gold standard in hearing impaired phones for users with severe hearing loss. They tick all the boxes from prominent visual ringers through to well spaced backlit buttons. The handsets also incorporate full duplex speakerphones, which means that unlike many of the alternatives there is no cutting out when both parties speak at the same time.

Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Phones for Gearing Impaired

Most hearing impaired phones are designed for users with mild to moderate hearing loss. They typically provide between 20 and 30 decibels of amplification. That's generally enough for those who complain that standard home phones are "too soft" or don't provide enough volume adjustment.

The Uniden EZA12997 is a stylish 20 decibel amplified cordless phone. A big button cordless phone with a large easily read display and a concave earpiece.

Uniden phones for the hearing impaired are some of the most popular options in this segment. Uniden Loud and Clear phones come in a range of models: with or without answering machines, and cordless as well as corded cordless.


Clarity is a division of Plantronics Inc. We have always been impressed with the quality of Plantronics products and Clarity phones for the hearing impaired are no exception. They are well designed and better made than most other options.

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