Plantronics CT12
Classic Cordless Headset Phone

The Plantronics CT12 was arguably responsible for giving the cordless headset phone the lift-off it needed to achieve it's current popularity. Despite being superceded in early 2009 by the CT14, there are still many thousands of CT12's in use. Their owners remain delighted with what they consider to be the classic cordless headset phone.

The CT12 was my no means the first hands free telephone and Plantronics wasn't the first to identify the niche. A GE cordless headset phone was winning loyal followers as early as 2002. Shortly afterwards Plantronics made it's move with the CT10 and CT11. They established the company's reputation as a manufacturer of quality products and cool hands free devices.

Pros and Cons

The Plantronics CT12 is a sturdy wearable headset telephone. It was designed for use by busy multi-taskers whether at home or in a small office environment. They did the job brillianty because they were light and comfortable to wear.

Plantronics CT12

Another popular feature was the Firefly on-line indicator on the Plantronics telephone headset. It indicates whether the user is engaged in a conversation or not. If you look carefully at the image on the right you may see the red light on the tip of the boom.

The CT12's biggest weakness is that it conflicts with WiFi routers and many other electronic devices. It's basically a 2.4 GHz cordless phone with all the associated issues.

It's still possible to buy a used or even unused CT12. They are sought out by cult followers and collectors who are willing to pay a premium over the cost of the latest hands free device from Plantronics.

Plantronics CT14

The CT14 is very similar in appearance to it's predecessor. The charging station, wearable dial-pads and cordless telephone headset all look very familiar. There was no need for Plantronics to refine these elements.

Cordless Headset Phone

The latest Plantronics hands free device is a DECT 6.0 phone. By updating the underlying cordless phone technology it has eliminated all issues associated with WiFi interference and other associated conflicts. Other benefits of the upgrade include improved voice clarity, extended talk time and improved range.

The Plantronics CT14 also supports caller ID and waiting. Up to six dial-pads can be registered on a charging station. In addition to sharing lines, users can intercom one another and participate in three way calls. Dial pads can also be registered with up to four different charging bases. In the event that one is out of range or unavailable for whatever reason, a dial pad can be programmed to automatically search for another. This can be a useful feature in a small office environment with several lines serving internal and external operations.


Until the advent of DECT 6.0 technology the Plantronics CT12 was undoubtedly the best cordless headset phone. That title is now securely in the hands of it's successor.

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