Best Small Office Phone Systems

When ever a small business operator asks us about small office phone systems we always suggest that they should focus on simplicity and reliability. It's too easy to get distracted by features and lose site of the key objective. If your business requires less than 4 lines and 10 extensions the best solution is almost certainly NOT a PBX or VoIP phone system. There are better options and 4 line cordless phones are one of the most affordable and dependable.

A catch with many small business telephone systems is that they involve costs associated with wiring, phone jacks and installation. While they maybe sold as expandable, these costs relate to existing configurations or premises that may not be appropriate as a business grows.

Cordless Phone Systems

Expandable cordless phone systems are not only cheap, but also more flexible than corded alternatives. They can be installed in minutes and require little or no phone jack wiring.

Features of cordless small office phone systems that most users find indispensable include portable handsets and speakerphones. Range is no longer an issue as the latest models can be fitted with range extenders and have a coverage in excess of 250,000 square feet.

Best 4 Line Phone Systems

Small Office Phone Systems

The AT&T SB67118 is the current benchmark in the 4 line cordless phone niche. It's a DECT 6.0 phone expandable up to 12 handsets. With the aid of optional range extenders it has enormous coverage and can even be used over multiple levels. In additional to a mult-line answering machine, music on hold, auto attendant etc it supports Push to Talk, a feature that many small business find useful in warehouse and similar situations.

The one down side of the ATT SB67108 is that the handsets don't have 2.5mm headset jacks, however ATT TL7600 cordless headsets can be used. They are light weight and an excellent alternative that don't involve wires at all.

The Panasonic KX-TG4500B is another 4 line cordless phone. It's a 5.8 GHz phone suitable for small office situations where range is not an issue. Otherwise with the exception of PTT it has almost the same set of features as the ATT cordless phone.

Best Two Line Cordless Phones

In the case of home based businesses a 2 line cordless phone could well be adequate. The latest models are all DECT 6.0 phones and some are also Bluetooth cordless phones. For example the top selling Panasonic KX-TG9382T can link with cell phones and Bluetooth earpieces as well as exchange phone books.


KISS - "keep it simple" is the golden rule when comparing small office phone systems. While the latest VoIP phone systems may have an assortment of alluring features, they are typically over kill for a small business requiring four or less phone lines.

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Best 4 Line Phone - selecting the right small business telephone system is a critical decision. It not only has to work reliably, but also support an adequate range of features without breaking the bank.

Expandable Cordless Phone Systems - the latest are expandable DECT 6.0 phones with up to 12 handsets. There are also an increasing number of multi-line cordless phones.

Best Small Business Telephone Systems
We do the research so you can choose the best small office phone systems.

4 Line Phone Systems - cordless systems are more often than not the best solution for a small business investing in it's first multi-line phone system.

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