Top Rated Cordless Phones
or the Coolest?

In most categories the top rated cordless phones are made by one company. Panasonic outsells all other brands and the gap is growing. While they are not the cheapest cordless phones, they are nearly always the best. They are well made, but above all they set the benchmark for innovation. With few exceptions the latest features are released on Panasonic cordless phones long before they become available on competitive products.

Panasonic's strategy for topping the cordless phone ratings is not difficult to discern. Having read thousands of cordless phone reviews we can see how it pays great attention to the issues that consumers complain about. It incorporates features or technolgy into it's phones that eliminate the cause of these problems. These issues include: limited cordless phone range, over priced proprietary battery packs, poor battery life, WiFi interference, difficult to read displays, poor call clarity and phones that can't be used during a power outage.

DECT 6.0 Plus Phones

Cordless phone comparison became a lot easier when Panasonic released a new generation of DECT 6.0 Plus Phones. They provide a suite of features that other brands are scrambling to compete with.

The features that consumers look for in the top rated cordless phones include:

Top Rated Cordless Phones
  • Big crystal clear displays
  • Range extenders
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Power backup via handsets
  • Hi-fidelity sound
  • Talking caller ID - announces who is calling
  • Silent mode - by time and day of the week
  • Call blocking to eliminate annoying calls

These features are standard on Panasonic's latest DECT 6.0 Plus phones, but in addition they also offer a number of more basic features that other manufacturers have discontinued. These include 2.5mm headsets jacks and belt clips. Despite the popularity of Bluetooth cordless phones and earpieces many consumers simply want to use a cordless phone headset. When they compare cordless phones it quickly becomes apparent that they have no choice but to choose between one or other Panasonic cordless telephone.

Coolest Cordless Phones

Top Rated Cordless Phones

While Panasonic phones top the ratings they are hardly the coolest looking cordless phones. Black plastic may work in an office, but it doesn't radiate a lot of personality and style around the home. It's an important condideration that has been identified by Siemens Gigaset.

Siemens cordless phones originate from the home of DECT 6.0 technology. They are ultra-stylish European phones offering most of the features found on Panasonic alternatives, but at a premium price. Consider for example the sleek S795 Designer Phone . It definitely deserves a five star rating.


Overall the top rated cordless phones are either Panasonic or Siemens cordless phones. The rest are adequate but often basic. While many of us want the best cordless phones there are apparently more buyers who simply want a cheap phone with little in the way of "bells and whistles."

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Expandable Cordless Phone Systems - the latest are expandable DECT 6.0 phones with up to 12 handsets. There are also an increasing number of multi-line cordless phones.

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