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When comparing Uniden phones with the alternatives, it's essential to make sure that you are looking at current models. It's an easy mistake to make as we have found several large retailers selling superseded models. In some cases they are selling phones that first rolled off the assembly line five and even ten years ago. In most cases there is nothing wrong with them, but cordless phone technology has advanced greatly over recent years. It's definitely worth the effort to locate the latest Uniden phones.

For a start the latest Uniden cordless phones are all DECT 6.0 phones. Uniden made some excellent 5.8 GHz phones back in the 90's and early 2000's, but not any longer. The latest models all employ DECT technology and they are amongst the best cordless phones.

Cordless Home Phones

The Uniden D1660 and D1680 models were nominated by the Consumers Digest Magazine (April 2011) as the Best Buys in the economy section. They offer all the basic features as well as being more expandable than many alternatives i.e. up to twelve handsets.

Uniden Phones

One of the best features common to most Uniden phones is that the handsets can be mixed and matched to meet different requirements. For example a Uniden DWX337 waterproof cordless handset can be added, they are excellent for use around the pool, shed or garden.

It's true that Panasonic cordless phones offer more features, but they are also cost more and many consumers are more than content with the basics. One of the exceptions is Silent Mode. It's possibly the most popular feature on these Uniden phones. By pressing a single button users can instantly silence the ringers on all handsets.

2 Line Cordless Phones

Uniden has the biggest range of two line cordless phones. They include models with and without corded base units and or answering machines i.e. Uniden DECT 40xx. They are top rated phones ideal for home or small business use. Once again they are more expandable than most of the alternatives - up to ten handsets.

Uniden 2 Line Phone

While all cordless phone manufacturers have at least one 2 line phone in their range the best thing about Uniden phones is that they are uncomplicated and easy to use.

Up to two DRX100 range extenders can be added to these phones. They effectively double cordless phone range and make them a viable option for use in multi-level buildings. With the exception of Engenius phones with much a bigger price tag they are an excellent solution for use in areas where coverage is a concern.

Celllink™ Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Uniden has finally got serious about Bluetooth. Long after Panasonic and Vtech had released several Bluetooth phones we were wondering if Uniden would ever release a contender. Well the Uniden D3288 is definitely a serious challenger.

Uniden Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Up to 4 cell phones can be concurrently linked into a D3288. Their phonebooks can be downloaded - up to 6,000 contacts! It's jammed full of features: call blocking, silent mode, personalized ringers ... and it's also compatible with DRX100 range extenders.

On paper the D3288 is very impressive. The users we have spoken to are also impressed. By all indications it's coudl be one of Uniden's best cordless phones ever.


The latest crop of Uniden phones are highly competititive. They are significantly better than many of the alternatives. Furthermore we have only scraped the surface because in addition to the above models Uniden also makes excellent hearing impaired telephones and the best waterproof phones.

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