Best Vonage Phones
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To get the best from the Vonage telephone service we would recommend using certified Vonage phones. While most corded and cordless phones will work with a Vonage router the right equipment will deliver superior call quality.

Vonage phones are almost certainly re-badged Uniden or Vtech phones, such as these. Both manufacture phones under contract that are sold under a range of brand names.

VoIP Cordless Phones

Standard cordless VoIP phones such as those from Siemens aren't compatible with the Vonage telephone service. Neither Vonage or Skype employ the industry standard SIP protocol.

Vonage Phones

One of the main advantages of using a SIP based VoIP service is that providers are less able to lock in their customers. There are thousands to choose from and it's relatively easy switch without having to buy a new phone or change adapters.

Siemens cordless VoIP phones can be set up to operate with multiple voice service providers. It's a convenient way of getting the best calling rates and accessing multiple DID's.

Best VoIP Home Phone Service

For U.S. based consumers nothing beats the Ooma phone service. It's a free Internet phone service that is supplied on the purchase of an adapter. The adapter can be used with just about any corded or cordless phone and voice clarity is impressive.


Vonage phones are available from most large electronics retailers. At this stage in the evolution of VoIP we would be reluctant to lock into a closed proprietary service unless it was free or clearly superior in some way.


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