Wall Mount Cordless Phone
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There is an obvious difficulty in designing a wall mount cordless phone. If handsets aren't securely locked into position there is nothing to stop them from becoming casualties. It's because of this that flush mounted cordless wall phones have become increasingly difficult to find.

Most manufacturers have taken a more conservative approach. Instead of designing flush mounted phones, they supply fixtures resembling a shelf onto which base units and handsets are placed. They sort of work but if not located with care will snag passing traffic and crash to the ground.

ATT Cordless Phones

Wall Mount Cordless Phone

ATT phones are currently the best cordless wall phones. The ATT SL82xxx and CL82xxx ranges are very similar in most respects and make excellent wall mount cordless phones. They recline back against a wall mounted crade that is angled enough to create a secure resting place.

Over and above their credentials as a cordless wall mount phone they are top rated cordless phones and competitively priced.


GE Phones

GE cordless phones have never really impressed us, but if you can find one of their Designer Series phones such as the Stainless Steel model it's a near perfect flush mounted cordless phone. Unfortunately they are no longer manufactured and strangely collectors are willing to pay crazy amounts for them.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic makes the best cordless phones. They easily outsell all other brands, however it's yet to develop a top class cordless wall phone. If the deciding feature when you compare cordless phones is how well the wall mount works, we would recommend that you go with an ATT cordless phone.


You are unlikely to find the perfect wall mount cordless phone, but the closest thing is either an ATT SL8xxx or CL82xxxx.

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