Best Long Range Cordless Phone

Before buying a long range cordless phone many of us would like to know what manufacturers and vendors mean by "long range." It's clearly a tough question. With one notable exception they simply don't provide numbers. Not even to give an indication.

While it's annoying we do understand the challenge. It's one thing to indicate cordless phone range in a wide open space or vacuum and another within the confines of a house or office building. Walls, large objects and different types of construction all have an impact. In short there is no possibility of getting a "number" that is valid in every situation. However, we can identify the best long range cordless phone for use in most situations.

DECT 6.0 Phones

The latest cordless phones for residential and small business use are DECT 6.0 phones. They use the 1.9 GHz frequency, which doesn't mean that they are any less powerful than 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz phones. In fact it's a better cordless phone frequency than the alternatives because it's dedicated to voice communication and is immune to most forms of interference.

Irrespective of brand or model a DECT 6.0 phone has a range outdoors of about 300 feet. That's subject to a clear line of sight between base and handsets. The best that can be said about the range indoors is that it will be less.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Long Range Cordless Phone

The best long range cordless phones use signal boosters or range extenders to increase range and overcome issues with blind spots. For example the Panasonic KX-TGA405B range extender can be added to the latest Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones: KX-TG7500, KX-6500 and KX-4000 systems. They are very effective and simple to install. As a rule of thumb they will double cordless phone range.

4 Line Phones

The ATT SB67108 4 line cordless phone can be fitted with up to six extenders. As a consequence it can achieve a range of up to half a mile and give coverage over an area of 250,000 square feet. It's arguably the best 4 line cordless phone for use in a small business or very large home; however it's not expandable beyond 4 lines.

EnGenius Wireless Phones

EnGenius Technologies specialize in long range telephone and data communications. It's extreme long range cordless phones are intended for use by both residential and business users - see here.


Long Range Cordless Phone

A commercial grade cordless phone designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial workplace.

The DuraFon 1X is a single line cordless phone capable of providing coverage over an area of 250,000 square feet and twelve floors within a building. Alternatively when used outside it can provide coverage over an area up to 3,000 acres.

These long range cordless telephones are used in situations as diverse as: entertainment complexes, resorts, car yards, landscaping suppliers, farms, hotels and marinas.


The FreeStyle 1 is a far more stylish phone intended for use in home and non-industrial small business environments. They are a great way of staying in contact when walking the dog, power walking or visiting the neighbors. They are also idea for those who live in areas where cell phone coverage is poor.

Coverage: up to six floors, 25,000 sqare feet and up 1,000 acres in the open.

Multi-Line Long Range Cordless Phones

The DuraFon Pro can be expanded in increments from 4 through to 32 lines and is PBX compatible. It's a serious commercial grade long range cordless phone.


Most residential cordless phone users find that a standard DECT 6.0 cordless phone is adequate for their requirements. They are unlikely to encounter any issues within one hundred feet of a base station. The best cordless phone for those who need more range i.e. up to 300 feet is a Panasonic cordless telephone fitted with a range extender. Beyond three hundred feet is the territory of extreme long range cordless phones and EnGenius Wireless Phones.

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