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Uniden cordless phones were first introduced to the U.S. in 1987. They rapidly secured a large share of the market and continue to do so, despite the best efforts of Panasonic, Vtech and others. Unlike many of it's competitors Uniden has maintained a focus on wireless communications technology. It's core producs include: scanners, CB radios, marine radios and of course Uniden phones.

As with most other manufacturers the latest Uniden cordless phones are DECT 6.0 phones. It can be confusing for consumers because many retailers still hold large stocks of older generation 5.8 GHz, 2.4GHz and even 900 MHz Uniden phones.

Uniden - Best Cordless Phones

Uniden manufactures a mind numbing assortment of DECT 6.0 cordless home phones. They include phones in every imaginable color and size, but it's in the niche markets where Uniden cordless phones stand out from the pack.

2 Line Cordless Phones

Uniden's latest two line cordless phones are the DECT4096 and DECT4086. The key difference is that the former has a corded handset on the base, which means it can be used in the event of a power outage. They are both expandable up to ten handsets. Uniden cordless phones have always been amongst the best 2 line phones. Users find that they comprehensively address the key issues that arise with a 2 line phone, without making them difficult or over complex to use.

Long Range Cordless Phone

Uniden Long Range Cordless Phone

While regular DECT 6.0 phones are generally adequate for use in most homes and apartments, there will always be situations where cordless phone range is an issue. Uniden has developed a long range cordless telephone for consumers who require greater coverage. The Uniden DECT3380-3R works well, however the range extenders available on the latest Panasonic cordless phones provide more flexibility in extending range and increasing coverage.

Waterproof Phones

Uniden Cordless Phones

Uniden's waterproof cordless phones are not only submersible but tough as well. You can take them in the shower, throw them in the pool or drop them in a bucket of water. They will bob up and float. You can even drop them onto concrete and they bounce.

The Uniden WX13077 has pretty much cornered the market for bathroom, pool, garden and garage phones. There is nothing else comparable.

Hearing Impaired Phones

Uniden Hearing Impaired Phone

There are several Uniden cordless phones designed for users with mild hearing impairments. They are stylish phones with features including big buttons, large easily read displays and a 20db audio boost. The models include the EZA12997 (with answering machine) and EZi2996 (without). There is also a very popular Loud and Clear accessory handset that can be added to existing Uniden DECT 6.0 phone. Uniden's main competitor in this niche is Clarity Phones.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Uniden has been making Bluetooth devices for years, but for whatever reason it trailed Panasonic, Vtech, ATT, Siemens ... in bringing out a Bluetooth cordless telephone. The Uniden DECT3181-2 Bluetooth Cell Link phone is comparable with alternatives from Vtech, ATT and Motorola, but far less impressive than the latest Panasonic Bluetooth phones.


There was enormous demand for Sony, Panasonic and Uniden cordless phones during the 70's, 80's and 90's. It attracted the attention of Vtech and others with a focus on bringing costs down and making cheap cordless phones. Uniden responded by applying it's resources to the development of the best cordless phones in a number of rapidly growing niche markets.

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