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It maybe their European heitage, but for whatever reason Siemens cordless phones are different. They are ultra cool and often referred to as the Mercedes Benz of cordless phones. It's a connection that Siemens is obviously keen to encourage, as it's phones are designated: SL, S, C, A ... just like the cars. As might be expected S795 and SL785 are not only chic, but also some of the most expensive cordless phones.

DECT technology originally came out of Europe, so naturally all current Siemens cordless phones are DECT phones. The DECT 6.0 phones available in the U.S. are a subset of those available in Europe, but fortunately they are some of the best models.

Top Rated Cordless Phones

When we compare Siemens Gigaset phones with others, it's clear that they have some features in common with the latest Panasonic cordless phones. For example they both use standard rechargeable AAA batterie. They both support a silent mode that enables users to program the hours between which ringers are silenced. They both released Bluetooth cordless phones well before their competitors. However there are also significant differences between Panasonic and Siemens cordless phones. In many ways they are in a class of their own and arguably the best cordless phones.

Siemens "S Class Phone" - S795 Designer Phone

This Siemens cordless phone is probably more configurable than any other. Users can completely personalize every feature of this phone in much the same way as a cell phone. They can download ring tones, screen savers, pictures, contacts, firmware updates, synchronize with a PC .... It's a very cool cordless phone.

Other notable features include:

  • Amazing call clarity - a hall mark of Siemens cordless phones.
  • Full duplex speakerphones - an uncommon feature. It eliminates the "cutting out" that often occurs when using simplex speakerphones.
  • Colour display.
  • Standard 2.5mm headset jacks.
  • Centralized phonebook means that users can update contacts, messages etc via handsets. There is no need to manually update each handsets as everything is stored on the base.
  • Anonymous calls can be set to go direct to the answering machine and the ringer will remain silent. This is a very useful feature for dealing with telemarketers and other annoying phone calls.

In every respect the Siemens S795 is a top rated cordless phone. It can even send a text to give notification that a message has been received. Messages can also be accessed and played back remotely.

Siemens "C Class Phone" - C595

Siemens Cordless Phone

The C595 is the S795 without the bling. It's cheaper, but otherwise there is no doubting that this is a premium cordless phone with an impressive set of features and unsurpassed call clarity.

A cordless phone that can both send and receive texts.

The C595 consistently scores excellent reviews. It's German made and exudes quality in the same way as a prestige motor vehicle. As with the other models in the range it's highly configurable and easy to set up.

If you are unhappy with the quality of mass produced electronics that come out of China this is the phone for you.

Siemens SL785 - Bluetooth Cordless Phone

The SL785 is a seriously elegant phone. If looks were the only criteria when comparing cordless phones the SL785 would wins hands down every time. It's a masterpiece of design.

Siemens Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Unfortunately from the perspective of Bluetooth functionality the SL785 has become a little dated. Since it's release the bar has been raised by Vtech, Panasonic and others. Users now expect their Bluetooth cordless phones to link not just with earpieces and headphones, but with cell phones as well.

However in other respects they are far from dated. These Siemens cordless phones are easily mistaken for cell phones. It's not just that the handsets resemble an iPhone, but their ability download and synchronize data, customize features and hook up with Bluetooth headsets. They are actually in a class of their own and it's missing the point to compare them with other Bluetooth cordless telephones.

Siemens VoIP Cordless Phones

Siemens VoIP Cordless Phone

Siemens cordless VoIP phones are another example of how the company has addressed a niche that other manufacturers have completely over looked. It's hybrid IP/landline phones are the perfect compliment to a cheap VoIP phone service. As always they deliver excellent voice clarity, but in addition can be used with both VoIP and landline phone services.

Siemens has neatly covered all the bases with it's cordless VoIP phones. As always they look elegant and not in the least geeky. Home users are reassured by the knowledge that their phones will work even in the event of the Internet going down. On the other hand users familiar with VoIP phone services are impressed with how easy it is to switch between multiple voice service providers and automate call handling.


Siemens cordless phones are in a class of their own. They are some of the coolest cordless phones, but they are also expensive. In our view they are definitely worth the addltional cost.

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