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There was a time when Sony cordless phones were ubiquitous. They could be found in almost every home. Back in the 80's and 90's they were the best cordless phones. So you are probably wondering what happened and why it's so difficult to find a Sony cordless phone today.

Sony still makes cordless phones, but not for the U.S. market. Sony 2.4GHz and even 900MHz phones are still available, but they are left overs. Interestingly there are buyers prepared to pay a premium for one of the last Sony cordless phones. As a consequence they are more pricey than the latest Vtech and Panasonic cordless phones.

What Happened to the Sony Cordless Phone?

The main reasons why Sony cordless telephones have just about completely disappeared from retailers' shelves include:

Sony Cordless Phones

Sony DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

To the best our knowledge Sony never manufactured a DECT 6.0 phone. The advent of DECT 6.0 technology completely changed the cordless phone business. It intensified competition and brought prices crashing down. So why would Sony embark on developing a new range of phones in the face of these developments?

Sony vs. Panasonic

The market simply wasn't big enough for both of these enormous Japanese corporations. One of them had to throw in the towel. If Sony hadn't blinked first there can be no doubt that Panasonic cordless phones wouldn't be the number one brand today.

Sony Playstations, Cell Phones, Movies and Music

At about the same time as Sony pulled out of cordless phones, it was moving into other more exciting areas where the opportunities and margins were potentially bigger.

Sony Cordless Phone Batteries

If you love your Sony cordless phone and couldn't possibly throw it away, you can still buy replacement batteries however they are not cheap. In fact you can buy a brand new phone for about the same price - see Cheap Cordless Phones.


At one time there were three Japanese companies that dominated the market. With the disappearance of Sony cordless phones the battle lines are drawn between Panasonic and Uniden. We suspect that Panasonic will be the long term beneficiary of these developments.

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