Best Cordless Wall Phones

The obvious challenge in designing cordless wall phones, is that in the absence of a cord there is an increased risk of dropping a handset onto an unforgiving surface. Once is often enough to put even the best cordless phones out of action. As a consequence cordless wall telephones seldom fulfill the expectations of all consumers.

The best solutions are usually the more conservative options. They enable handsets to be wall mounted, but there is no way they can be described as flush mounted. Typically they are angled back against the wall and in some cases the mounting looks more like a shelf. For whatever reason the phones that come closest to fulfilling the brief are some of the cheapest cordless phones. Unfortunately they often have shortcomings in other areas.

Best Wall Mount Cordless Phone

ATT Cordless Phones

In our view the best cordless wall phones are ATT phones: CL81xxx or CL82xxx. The x's relate to the number of included handsets and whether an ATT answering machine is included or not. They are top rated cordless phones and the wall mounting feature works well.

There are actually several different models of ATT cordless phone that are more than adequate cordless wall phones, but the ATT CL81 and 82 ranges are the options we would recommend on the basis of their overall performance.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

The latest Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones have what is described as a "Smart Wall Mount." It doesn't exactly fit the description of being "sleek and low profile," but it does the job. It's "Smart" because the mount is reversible enabling handsets to be either wall mounted or sat on level surface.

The Panasonic KX-TG6512B (pictured) and other members of the range are arguably the best cordless home phones. They are loaded with unique features that differentiate them from all other DECT 6.0 phones.

Vtech Phones

Wall Mount Cordless Phone

Vtech cordless phones are seldom at the cutting edge of technology, but they are always good value. The Vtech CS6219 and CS6229 are top sellers. They are inexpensive, uncomplicated and reliable. They are also adequate cordless wall phones.

If the basis of decision is suitability as a wall mount cordless phone we would recommend either an ATT or Panasonic cordless telephone.

Motorola Cordless Phones

Motorola Cordless Wall Phone

There are several Motorola phones that qualify as flush mounted cordless wall phones. They are inexpensive DECT 6.0 phones. As such they work reliably and are OK for light use.

With Motorola phones users need to pay careful attention when returning handsets to their cradles. When is a hurry it's easy to misjudge whether they are secure or not. Unfortunately they are not the most robust cordless phones and are unlikely to survive a four to six foot fall onto a hard floor.

GE Cordless Phones

GE Cordless Wall Phone

GE phones have just about disappeared from the shelves as they are no longer manufactured. In the dying days valliant attempts were made to secure a foothold in a number of niche markets.

The GE Stainless Steel phone was a classic cordless wall phone. It was actually plastic, but let's not get picky. If you really like of this phone they can still be bought but be prepared to pay several hundred dollars for a fairly ordinary DECT 6.0 phone.


There is enormous demand for cordless wall phones. While all manufacturers claim that their phones are wall mountable you may not agree with them in every case.

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Wall Mount Cordless Phone - the best is almost certainly an ATT phone. They compare well with the alternatives and score top marks in reviews.

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