Best Waterproof Phone

In life stuff happens, so a waterproof phone has got to be a good idea whether you are washing the car, lounging around the pool or hosing down the drive way. Having lost several phones to water damage under the most unlikely circumstances, we decided to check out the options. Our mission was to find the best cordless phone to withstand not just a sprinkle of water or shower of rain, but total immersion. Better still it should float and be able to withstand a lot of rough treatment.

Having thoroughly checked out the options we found that the only waterproof cordless phones that meet all of these requirements are Uniden phones. Without a doubt Uniden waterproof phones are the toughest cordless phones.

Best Waterproof Cordless Phones

Uniden's waterproof cordless phones are compliant with the JIS7 waterproof specification. They are tested against a range of requirements including dust and water tightness. In addition they are also required to be impact resistant.

Uniden WXI3077 Submersible Waterproof Phone

The Uniden WXI3077 is a highly visible DECT 6.0 phone with all the features that go with the latest cordless phone technology.

  • Immunity from WiFi interference
  • Extended talk time - 12 hours
  • Handset speakerphones
  • Phonebook - 70 contacts
  • Expandable up to six handsets

Uniden cordless phones set the benchmark in this niche. We checked out the usual suspects: Panasonic, Vtech, ATT, Siemens ... but none of them has a waterproof phone that can compete with the Uniden phone.

If you already own a Uniden cordless phone (DECT1500, 2000, 3000 series) you can simply add one or more DWX207 waterproof accessory handsets.

Waterproof phones are especially popular as garage or shed phones. Guys don't like being disturbed in their inner sanctums. By installing a rugged cordless handset in the cave, they can reduce the risk of univited guests dropping by and disturbing their quiet contemplation. They are an excellent Father's Day gift idea. Far better than another pair of sox.

Best Waterproof Cell Phone

Uniden's only serious competition isn't a codless phone, but a cell phone. The Samsung B2100 is almost indestructible. It's a quad-phone that can take extreme abuse as well as being waterproof.

For a phone that's tougher than anything else in the marketplace it's also stylish. Furthermore it's not just a basic phone. It has extras that make it an excellent travelling or expedition phone e.g. FM radio, music player, loud speaker and SD card ready.

Personally I use an iPhone during the week, but switch over to the B2100 on the weekends when heading out on the road bike or back packing.


If you are ever stuck for a gift idea consider a waterproof phone. You can rest assured that your gift will be appreciated and have complete confidence that no else had such an original idea. BTW, recipients don't have to be outdoors types. A waterproof cordless phone near a shower or bath tub is cheap insurance against the inevitable.

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