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In terms of value for money there are few better options than a Vtech cordless phone. They are competitively priced and consistently amongst the top rated cordless phones.

While Panasonic cordless phones are the best sellers, Vtech phones are never far behind. The key difference between them is that Panasonic targets the premium end of the market, while Vtech cordless phones address lower price points. They are seldom as innovative, but they are consistently well made, dependable and always cheaper.

Cheap Cordless Phones

Vtech Cordless Phone

Two of Vtech's best sellers are the Vtech CS6229-2 (with an answering machine) and CS6219-2 (without).

They are attractive DECT 6.0 phones with the key features that most consumers expect from a cordless home phone. Furthermore they can be expanded up to twelve handsets, but are otherwise relatively basic. Their greatest competition comes from the latest Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones such as the KX-TG6532B, however Vtech's latest models (see below) now offer a number of the features that have differentiated Panasonic cordless telephones.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Vtech Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Vtech was one of the first to bring out a Bluetooth cordless phone able to link with cell phones and act as the hub of a Bluetooth home network.

Bluetooth technology is the key to the continued popularity of the cordless phone at a time when millions of consumers are questioning the need for a land line phone service. They can either ditch their land line and go totally cellular, or enjoy the convenience of using both services via a Vtech cordless phone.

The DS6421-3 is the latest Vtech cordless phone to offer Connect to Cell functionality. It also supports HD Audio. PTT (Push-to-Talk) is another really useful feature on a cordless home phone. It's especially useful at dinner time when the family is watching TV or otherwise distracted in distant corners of the home.

Multi-Line Vtech Cordless Phones

2 Line Cordless Phones

Vtech 2 Line Cordless Phone

It's a niche that Uniden and Panasonic have traditionally dominated, but there is a 2 line Vtech cordless phone that wins hands down in the value for money stakes. The DS6151 is an expandable 2 line phone that users love and can't fault.

4 Line Cordless Phone

The SB67108 is an ATT cordless phone, but since 2000 all ATT phones have been manufactured by Vtech, so in our view it's a Vtech cordless phone. The only other serious 4 line cordless phone is the KX-TG4500B, a robust 5.8 GHz Panasonic phone that has been around for many years.

Latest Vtech Phones

A feature of Panasonic cordless phones that has hooked thousands if not millions of consumers is Talking Caller ID. Belatedly it's now available on the latest Vtech phones, where it goes by the name of Voice Announce.

Latest Vtech Cordless Phone

In addition to Voice Announce the Vtech LS6475 also supports HD Audio and a cordless headset. DECT 6.0 cordless headsets have been available on ATT cordless phones for some time. The most popular version is the ATT TL7600, which is almost identical to the new Vtech headset.

The catch with the new headsets is that they only work with Vtech phones. Unlike Panasonic cordless phones the handsets don't have 2.5mm headset jacks, hence there is no alternative if you need to use a headset.


Vtech claims to be the world's largest manufacturer of cordless phones. At it's massive facilities in mainland China the company not only produces ATT and Vtech cordless phones, but also provides contract manufacturing services to other companies including many of it's "competitors."

The key to Vtech's rapid growth has been it's ability to drive down manufacturing costs and position the Vtech cordless phone as the most affordable option available to consumers.

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Vtech Phones 2017 - they incorporate many features that until recently differentiated Panasonic cordless telephones from the rest.

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