Motorola Cordless Phone
Comparisons and Ratings

There are three reasons why you might want to buy a Motorola cordless phone. For a start they are stylish, secondly because you trust the Motorola brand and finally because they are cheap cordless phones.

However you may also want to know how Motorola cordless phones stack up against the rest, and whether they are the best cordless phones to meet your requirements.

Motorola Cordless Phone Range

There are several styles of Motorola cordless telephone. They are all basic DECT 6.0 phones, ideal for users who simply need to make or answer an occassional call. Hence they are popular with consumers who rely primarily on a cell phone, but retain a land line phone service just in case. They are also popular with teenagers and college students who require an inexpensive phone to use with a cheap Internet phone service such as MagicJack (see note below).

Motorola L301 - L303 Range

This is the most basic Motorola cordless phone and one of the most popular models.

Motorola Cordless Phone
  • No answering machine
  • Phonebook - 30 name and number capacity
  • Expandable up to five handsets
  • Speakerphones

A Motorola L301 with a single handset costs under $30. It's up against phones including the Panasonic KX-TG6511B with many more features at about $35.

Motorola L401 - L404 Range

The key difference is a cordless phone answering machine, otherwise it's the same as the L301 - L303 range.

Cheap Cordless Phones
  • Phonebook - 30 name and number capacity
  • Expandable up to five handsets
  • Speakerphones

A four handset L404 can be purchased for under $80. By way of contrast the latest Panasonic KX-TG6644B with state of the art features costs circa $115.

Motorola L902 - 903 Range

Motorola Bluetooth Cordless Phone

This is the top of the range Motorola cordless phone. It's essentially the same as the L401-L404 with the addition of a Bluetooth earpiece. If answering calls hands free is a key requirement, this is possibly the phone for you.

At circa $60 the L902 is one of the cheapest Bluetooth phones, however it cannot be compared with the best Bluetooth cordless phones. It can't link with cell phones, exchange phone books or be used with third party Bluetooth headsets.

MagicJack Users - Word of Caution

David Livings sent us the following note. He has obviously had a different experience than we have in using Motorola cordless phones, however we respect his opinion and include his comments for your consideration.

Your reveiw is SO wrong. In fact they are incompatible with magic jack because they do not RING. when called. I have sold hundreds of magicjacks used etc. I know what I'm talking about I am a tech of 30 years experience. Nice phone, yes and yes they work with magicjack but don't confuse your computer's ring with the handsets or base's ring. because the ring signal from the magic jack is not coarse enough to activate the ring on any MOTO I have checked. I have checked the L4 series. and the L3 series 6.0 DECT. phones. Thanks' Davey


While the Motorola phones are stylish, we are more impressed with the quality of other cheap cordless phones such as those from Vtech. They are similarly inexpensive, but have an excellent reputation for call clarity and quality of construction. In the case of consumers who require more than the most basic features, a Motorola cordless phone is unlikely to fulfill their requirements. Check out the latest Panasonic cordless phones and pay a few more dollars for a top rated cordless phone.

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