Best Bluetooth Cordless Phone

At first glance the challenge of selecting the best Bluetooth cordless phone may seem like a tough call. Every cordless phone manufacturer has joined the fray and put out at least one Bluetooth phone. However, there is one standout contender that totally blitzes the rest of the field. In our view it's the best cordless phone in the market, whether Bluetooth enabled or not.

The Bluetooth cordless phone space is a critical battleground for the contending parties. By enabling consumers to pair their cell phones with landline phones, they are providing them with a compelling reason to keep on using a land line phone service and cordless phone. To that end it's in their interest to make these phones as attractive and useful as possible.

Best Cordless Phone

The best Bluetooth cordless phones is the KX-TG7645M. It combines Panasonic's DECT 6.0 Plus and Link-to-Cell technologies to deliver features including:

  • Talking Caller ID - announces the name or nick name of callers
  • Silent Mode - disables the ringer on nominated handsets between set hours
  • Call Blocking - the key to stopping annoying phone calls
  • Visual Voicemail - enables messages to be visually scanned
  • Range Boost - substantially increases cordless phone range

These capabilities have then been converged with Panasonic's proprietary Bluetooth cordless phone technology (Link-to-Cell) enabling features such as:

  • Concurrent linking with up to two cell phones
  • Linking with Bluetooth headsets
  • Down loading phonebooks from cell phones - up to 600 entries

Bluetooth Advantages

In combination these features address the most annoying aspects of using a cell phone at home. For a start you need never be concerned again about a battery going flat in the middle of a call. As you walk in the front door your cell phone will automatically pair with the Panasonic Bluetooth cordless telephone. Pick up the closest cordless handset and continue the conversation. In the meantime your cell phone can be charging.

Secondly if there are areas in your house or garden where cell phone coverage is weak to non-existant, there is no longer any need to climb a ladder or tree to continue a conversation. Simply put the cell phone in a spot where reception is good and continue the conversation on a cordless handset while you wander freely around.

Better still if there are times when you need more phone lines at home you can dial out over a cell phone service using a cordless handset. If you have free cell phone minutes or accumilated credits your Bluetooth cordless phone can quickly pay for itself. You may even be able to completely disconnect your land line phone service and use your Bluetooth home phone exclusively for making and receiving cell phone calls.

Other Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Siemens Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Other contenders in the hunt include Siemens and Vtech cordless phones. The former was responsible for what is probably the most elegant looking cordless phone of all time. The Siemens Gigaset SL785 is a beautiful phone. Unfortunately it's now a bit dated in terms of features. It will pair with some Bluetooth earpieces, but not all and doesn't pair with cell phones at all. On the other hand if German engineering and good looks are more important it could be the phone you are looking for.

Vtech was one one of first manufacturers to get serious about Bluetooth cordless phones. It has released a lot of them under both the Vtech and ATT brand names. The pick of the crop is the Vtech DS6321-x. It's solid, reliable and excellent value for money. On the other hand it simply doesn't have the polish and completeness of the Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phone. It's also a fairly generic DECT 6.0 phone so there is no talking caller ID, silent mode, call blocking ...


We don't know of anyone who has used a Bluetooth cordless phone for any period of time who wasn't impressed. They are far from being a novelty or gimmick. Once you've used one you will almost certainly become hooked. It's for this reason that the number one cordless phone manufacturer has invested heavily in this niche.

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