Best Cordless Headset Phone

The cordless headset phone is the ultimate solution for anyone who needs both hands free while speaking on the phone. It's a niche that was pioneered by GE, but subsequently developed by Plantronics and others. The Plantronics CT12 and more recently the CT14 portable phones are the benchmark in this space.

While a cordless phone headset can increase productivity by enabling users to answer calls, they are only a partial solution. On the other hand a headset cordless phone enables users to both dial out and answer calls when on the move. Hence in addition to a headset they have a compact keyboard that can be tucked into a pocket or attached to clothing. Other essential features include:

  • Freedom of movement. The best cordless headset phones enable users to continue conversations even when 200-300 feet away from a base station.
  • Freedom from interference associated with wireless networks and other electronic devices.
  • Extended talk time. At least 8 hours of talk time and over a week of standby between charges.

Plantronics CT14 Cordless Headset Phone

The Plantronics CT14 is a compact DECT 6.0 wearable cordless phone. It fulfills all of the above requirements with ease. Better still it's a well made piece of equipment designed to withstand the rigors of daily use for many years. Anyone who has used a Plantronics Bluetooth headset would be well aware of the quality of Plantronics wireless headsets and associated equipment.

Features of the CT14 headset cordless phone include:

Best Cordless Headset Phone
  • Expandable - up to 6 dial pads can connect with one base station thus enabling call conferencing and intercom facilities. Useful features when users are spread around a large building.
  • Noise cancelling microphones - an essential feature when used either in the work place or as a cordless home phone.
  • The keypad has a small LCD that can display caller ID's. It's phonebook can also store up to 70 contacts.
  • Excellent audio quality

Plantronics Calisto Pro

Calisto Pro Cordless Headset Phone

While the CT14 addresses the challenge of handling calls over a land line phone service, it's not for everyone. For example those who require a cordless headset phone that will handle all phone calls whether at home, the office or on the road. In other words a headset telephone compatible with landline, VoIP and cellular networks that can be used throughout the day and not just at home or the office. That was the mission of the Calisto Pro.

Unfortunately while Plantronics succeded in making a great looking phone that addressed most of these requirements, it was at a price that most of us found hard to justify. We look forward to Plantronics bringing out a successor that is more affordable.

Alternative Headset Cordless Phones

Panasonic Cordless Headset Phone

While not as compact as Plantronics DECT 6.0 phones, Panasonic cordless phones are an excellent alternative. Panasonic has always resisted the temptation to cut corners by ommitting features such as jacks for cordless headsets and belt clips.

On the other hand the latest ATT cordless phones don't have jacks for cordless phone headsets, but can be used with ATT's TL7600 headsets. They are rated highly by users, but can only be used with ATT phones.


It's very easy to become hooked on using a cordless headset phone. If you find one that is comfortable to wear and works well, we are confident that you will never want to go back to holding a handset up to your ear.

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