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Choosing the best ATT cordless phone can be a confusing business. The reason being that there are arguably too many ATT phones to choose between, and in many cases they have almost identical features. However that shouldn't deter you. Without exception they are top rated cordless phones and consistently score well in consumer reviews.

With the exception of Panasonic the ATT cordless phone range is more extensive than that of any other brand. It comprehensively addresses niches and requirements including:

att cordless phone
  • Cordless home phones
  • Bluetooth cordless phones
  • Two line cordless phones
  • 4 line phone systems
  • Small office phone systems
  • Cordless wall phones
  • Wireless telephone headsets

The latest ATT cordless phones are all DECT 6.0 phones. That includes the top rated ATT SB67108, 4 line cordless phone. As a consequence issues with WiFi interference, call clarity, battery strength and cordless phone range are pretty much in the past.

Best ATT Home Phone

There are currently three different ranges of ATT cordless phone that offer more or less the same features. They are all expandable up to twelve handsets and include options both with and without digital answering machines.

ATT CL81x09 and CL82x09

The latest ATT cordless home phones. CL81's don't have answering machines, while CL82's do. The "x" refers to the number of handsets.

Key features include: attractive styling, large buttons, excellent call clarity, shared phonebook stores fifty contacts. They are also amongst the best cordless wall phones.

Negatives: handsets don't have 2.5mm jacks for cordless headsets. Voicemail messages are indicated by an icon, but no flashing light or mechanism that can alert users who aren't directly next to the phone.

ATT SL81x18 and SL82x18

ATT Phone

An older, but arguably better ATT home phone. The SL81's don't have answering machines, while the SL82's do. The "x" refers to the number of handsets.

The key features are the same as those on the latest model, with the exception that these phones do have headset jacks and a visual alert gives notification that a voicemail has been received.

As with the later models, these ATT cordless phones should be on the short list of anyone looking for the best wall mount cordless phone.

ATT EL51x09 and EL52x09

ATT Home Phone

These "white" ATT cordless phones are a bargain. The EL51's don't have answering machines, while the EL52's do. The "x" refers to the number of handsets.

With the exception of not being great cordless wall phones, they have pretty much the same features as their more expensive relatives. Despite being cheap, users give them top ratings. They are excellent value for money.

ATT Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Vtech was one of the first to bring out a Bluetooth cordless telephone that would consistently and reliably pair with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Both its Vtech and ATT branded Bluetooth phones are solid and reliable.

ATT 92270 Bluetooth Cordless Phone

ATT Bluetooth Cordless Phone

The ATT 92270 is a basic Bluetooth cordless phone at a competitive price. It can link link with two cell phones and delivers all the benefits of a home based Bluetooth network. Many users opt to ditch their land line phone service altogether and go complelely cellular. Others tap into the synergies of using a Bluetooth network around the home in conjunction with a cheap Internet phone service.

While the ATT cordless phone is excellent value, it's up against formidable competition in the form of the latest Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phones.

ATT Two Line Cordless Phones

Since early in the 2000's the 2 line cordless phone niche has been dominated by Panasonic and Uniden. Their respective products are the benchmark in this space. The latest ATT cordless phone to take them on is a worthy competitor.

ATT 86109 Two Line Cordless Phone

ATT 2 Line Cordless Phone

The ATT 86109 is not just a 2 line phone, but a Bluetooth cordless phone as well. It's got loads of configuration options that owners find useful. However, it's not the best cordless phone in this space. Panasonic and Uniden phones have the edge because they address the issues that arise with having two lines, without making them difficult to master.

We were also surprised to discover that the ATT cordless phone doesn't have a battery backup on the base unit.

ATT Wireless Telephone Headsets

While all Panasonic cordless phones have 2.5mm headset jacks, ATT and Vtech phones generally don't. ATT cordless phones are designed to be used with a DECT 6.0 cordless headset.

ATT TL7600 Cordless Headset

ATT Cordless Headset

The headset operates in much the same way as a regular handset except there is no dial pad or display and it hangs over your ear. They have excellent range and offer the convenience of answering calls hands free with no wires attached.

Users award top marks to the TL7600. They are stylish and functional.

If this style of cordless headset telephone is of interest you should also see the Plantronics CT14.


The ATT cordless phone business was purchased by Vtech in 2000. It was an astute move that enabled Vtech to combine its formidable high volume-low cost manufacturing skills with the power of the AT&T brand. The strategy was successful and ATT cordless phones are top sellers across all categories.

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