Best 2 Line Cordless Phones

With few exceptions every cordless phone brand has one or more 2 line cordless phones in its product line up. The cost of these phones has come down significantly in recent years, which is mainly a consequence of manufacturers standardizing on DECT 6.0 technology.

Historically the 2 line cordless phone segment has been dominated by Uniden and Panasonic cordless phones. Their respective 5.8GHz phones set the benchmark because of their excellent multi-line implementations. They addressed issues that are seldom encountered in the case of single line cordless home phones such as:

  • Privacy - allowing users to determine whether or not other extensions can listen in on calls over "their" line.
  • Default lines - setting the default line used by each handset.
  • Conferencing - whether to include one or both lines.
  • Answering systems - line based or a shared message box.

The latest Panasonic and Uniden DECT 6.0 two line cordless phones support the same or similar features, while many of the alternatives give consumers less flexibility in how they use their phones. Both also offer options that include or exclude a cordless phone answering machine.

2 Line Phones without Answering Machines

With the rapid uptake of voicemail services many consumers see no point in paying extra for a cordless phone answering machine. The answer is to choose between one of these 2 line cordless phones:

The Panasonic KX-TG9322T is the top rated cordless phone in this niche. It's expandable up to six handsets and call clarity is excellent. Other premium features include:

  • Night mode - control the hours between which the ringer can be disabled by handset
  • Silent mode - block annoying phone calls
  • Shared phone book - up to 100 entries

The Uniden DECT4066A is a comparable phone at a slightly lower price point. It's expandable up to ten handsets. In our view it's worth paying the extra for a Panasonic cordless phone as they are consistently well made and reliable.

2 Line Phones with Answering Machines

Once again the premium option is a Panasonic cordless telephone. The KX-TG9382T can record up to forty minutes of messages. In addition to cordless headset jacks and belt clips, it also supports the ability to down load address books from a cell phone using Bluetooth.

As with all current model Panasonic phones the handsets take standard AAA rechargeable batteries, rather than expensive proprietary battery packs. On the down side it's only expandable up to six handsets, but that's seldom a show stopper.

In the case of consumers who simply require a basic 2 line cordless phone with an answering machine the Vtech DS6151 is the one to get. It's one of the cheapest cordless phones of it's type, but still a top quality product. It consistently does well in consumer cordless phone reviews. The trade-offs include: no headset jacks or belt clips, just thirteen minutes of recording time and a fifty number address book.


While we have strong personal preference for Panasonic cordless telephones, both the Uniden DECT4066A and Vtech DS6151 are top rated 2 line cordless phones and worthy of consideration depending on your requirements.

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