Best Hearing Impaired Telephones

Demand for hearing impaired telephones is literally exploding. Sooner or later most of us will need to go shopping for an amplified cordless phone. However, it's increasingly common for familiy members to buy them for parents and grand parents. They are an excellent gift as they can eliminate the frustrations felt my millions of elderly people who want to stay in contact with friends and familiy, but are challenged by visual or hearing impairments.

As a general rule users with mild to moderate hearing loss require a phone with 20 to 30 decibels of amplification, while those with a moderate to severe condition require 30 to 50 decibel phones. Manufacturers including GE, Uniden and Clarity address the former, while in the 30 to 50 decibel range Clarity phones have no serious competition.

Clarity Phones

Clarity is a subsidiary of Plantronics. It has the widest range of phones for the hearing impaired. They include corded and cordless phones designed to meet the requirements of users with mild through to severe hearing loss.

Clarity is a specialist in this niche and has developed it's own proprietary DCP technology. A digital signal processing technology that can amplify the human voice while eliminating echoes, reducing noise and suppressing sharp sounds to make them bearable.

Clarity C4220 and C4230

Hearing Impaired Telephones
  • 5.8 GHz phones with large concave earpieces
  • Adjustable audible ringer and a flashing visual ringer
  • Both amplification and tone settings can be adjusted to meet the requirements of individual users
  • The C4220 does not incorporate a cordless phone answering machine.
The C4220 and C4230 are two of Clarity's top selling phones. There is nothing comparable in terms of effectiveness and product quality.

Clarity D603 and D613

Amplified Cordless Phone

They are attractive but also very effective 30 decibel DECT 6.0 phones. The big buttons buttons and large displays make them ideal for users with severe hearing loss and a visual impairment.

The D603 and D613 are expandable up to five cordless handsets.

Clarity also manufactures phones under the Ameriphone and Walker brand names that Clarity's DCP technology.

Uniden Phones

The best Uniden cordless phones are those that address specific niche markets such as two line cordless phones, waterproof phones and hearing impaired telephones.

Uniden EZA12997 Big Button Cordless Phone

Amplified Cordless Phone

The EZA12997 is a good looking cordless phone with a comfortable easily grasped handset. They are generally adequate to meet the needs of users with mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • 20 decibels of amplification
  • DECT 6.0 phone
  • Digital answering machine
  • Expandable up to six handsets

Uniden Loud and Clear Accessory Handsets

These 20 decibel cordless handsets are compatible with all DECT 2000, DECT 2100, DECT 3000, and DECT 2900 series phones. They feature big buttons and large clear displays. They are amplified cordless phones delivering excellent call clarity.


Clarity has the most extensive range of hearing impaired telephones. Given the company's focus on this niche we have no doubt that a Clarity Phone will in most cases be the best corded or cordless phone.

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