GE Cordless Phones
Not the Best Cordless Phones

GE cordless phones can still be found, but not for much longer. Sadly we can't tell you that we are unhappy about their demise. GE phones were extremely cheap cordless phones and deserved to be shunned by discerning consumers.

However there are obviously many thousands of consumers still using GE cordless telephones, but apparently with some difficulty. GE cordless phone manuals and batteries are still in demand.

Retro Cordless Phone

GE Cordless Phones

Despite the difficulties that many encountered with their GE cordless phones there are some models that have become collectable. The best example is the so called cordless Stainless Steel Phone. It's a very cool looking retro cordless phone that is currently selling for $500 plus-plus. That's big money for a very average plastic DECT 6.0 phone, but it's unlikely that buyers are too fussed on that count.

Cordless Wall Phones

Red Cordless Phone

The Stainless Steel phone was originally released as one of the Designer Series of GE cordless phones. It was a collection of relatively cheap DECT 6.0 phones. Most of them could be wall mounted. If they had been made to a higher specification the brand may have survived.

Even today there is enormous demand for genuine flush mounted cordless wall phones. We suspect that the designers were on the right track, but sadly the accountants nickel and dimed the brand into extinction.

GE Amplified Cordless Phone

GE Amplified Cordless Phone

The GE Lifestyle Series competed directly with Clarity Phones in the hearing impaired telephone niche. It was one of the best GE cordless phones as it addressed many of the key requirements that consumers were seeking: big buttons, easy to hold, solid construction and adequate ampification for users with a mild hearing impairment. It's a space that's now been filled by Clarity and to a lesser extent the Uniden Loud and Clear accessory handset.


The GE cordless phone business was acquired from GE by the French media and telecommunications conglomerate Thomson in 1987. In late 2008 a spokesperson for Thomson announced "We have started a process under which this business in North America will be halted."

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