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Vtech phones have always been great value in terms of price, reliability and looks. On the other hand they are seldom at the leading edge of technology. That's not necessarily a negative for many who simply require a basic cordless phone at a competitive price. It explains the enormous success of two classic Vtech cordless phones. The CS6219-2 and CS6219-2 were released in mid-2004, but are still amongst the top selling cordless phones some eight years later.

Voice Announce Caller ID

The latest Vtech phones incorporate many features that until recently differentiated Panasonic cordless telephones from the pack. For example Panasonic introduced Talking Caller ID several years ago. It's a feature that sold millions of Panasonic cordless phones. Well it's now also available on Vtech's latest phones.


In fact Vtech has added some features to it's latest LS64xx-x and LS64xx-x phones that other manufacturers will need to take on board. One of the most useful is Push-to-Talk or PTT. It eliminates the need to yell over TV's, sound systems, video games ... to summons the family to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because handsets can be put in every room of the house, it's simply a case of pushing a button and speaking. No need for anyone to pick up. It's a feature that works well on ATT's 4 line commercial cordless phones and will inevitably be popular on cordless home phones.

Cordless Phone Headset

Another interesting innovation on the latest Vtech phones is a slim line cordless accessory handset - the LS6100. It's light, stylish and hangs comfortably off the ear. It doesn't have a dial pad so it's strictly for answering calls hands free. With a range of up to 500 feet from the base station and a talk-time of seven hours it's great for anyone who needs to multi-task around the home.

If a cordless phone headset is at the top of your list of requirements make sure that you select a Vtech phone that supports LS6100's. There is no other way of using a headset with them because they don't come with standard 2.55mm headset jacks. Alternatively check out the Plantronics CT14, it's the ant's pants, cat's whiskers, duck's feet ... in cordless headset phones.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Vtech was one of the first to release a Bluetooth cordless phone. The range now includes an extensive range of options and they are all significantly more affordable than the Panasonic alternatives.

The DS6421-3 is the latest Link-to-Cell phone from Vtech. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity it has the full range of features: PTT, voice announcing, LS6100 support and HD sound.


Vtech phones have always had a reputation for being some of the cheapest cordless phones. That's still the case, but it's good to see that the company is now focused on producing innovative alternatives that can compete with Panasonic cordless phones.

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