Expandable Cordless Phone Systems
Comparisons and Ratings

The latest expandable cordless phone systems are DECT 6.0 phones. One of the main advantages of DECT 6.0 technology over 900 MHz phones is the ability to inexpensively add handsets or extensions. There are also an increasing number of multi-line phones. Most are 2 line cordless phones, but there are also a number of cordless 4 line small business telephone systems as well.

In the case of cordless home phones most of us don't need more than six handsets or extensions. That's generally enough to put a handset in the three or four most used rooms with a couple left over. However Vtech and ATT apparently believe that six isn't enough. Most of their phones are expandable up to twelve handsets.

Best Expandable Cordless Phones

DECT 6.0 Plus Phones

While Panasonic cordless telephones are seldom the cheapest, bundled systems with five and six handsets are price competitive with all other brands. Better still Panasonic's enhanced DECT 6.0 technology includes many features that improve the user experience.

We have found that one of the main reasons why consumers go for expandable cordless phone systems with five or six handsets is that they are excellent value and cheap insurance. It's a good idea to always buy a system with one or two spare handsets. You will inevitably find a use for them and if one suffers a mishap there is no need to pay a premium for a replacement unit.

2 Line Cordless Phones

While Panasonic 2 line phones regularly top the ratings they are only expandable up to six handsets. If that's not enough the best alternatives are Uniden phones. All models in the DECT4000 range are expandable through to ten handsets.

4 Line Cordless Phones

The ATT SB67118 is the most expandable 4 line phone. It can be configured with up to ten handsets. They in turn can be connected via range extenders to achieve enormous coverage.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth cordless phones can link or pair with multiple cell phones and other Bluetooth devices concurrently. It not only means that more users can connect to these cordless phones, but they also have more lines available to use.


Expandable cordless phone systems are excellent value for money whether used at home or as small business phone systems.

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