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The cordless headset telephone has been around for a while, but we have noticed that demand for these cool hands free devices has gone into overdrive. Way back in the early 2000's GE released a clunky headset phone that started the ball rolling. The owners of these devices were completely smitten. Even today there are a few surviving cult followers who will pay a premium for a GE cordless headset phone in mint condition.

Someone at Plantronics must have picked up the vibe and the rest is history. The CT10 was Plantronic's first cordless headset telephone. It was an overnight success and established the company's reputation for making high quality headsets and earpieces. In due course the CT10 was superseded by the CT11 and CT12.

Plantronics CT12

Plantronics had stumbled across one of the fastest growing niches in the cordless phone market. It's cordless headsets telephones are perfect for multi-tasking operators of home based businesses, or in fact any small business.

The only problem with the Plantronics CT12 was it's susceptibility to intereference. It's a 2.4 GHz phone and as such uses the same cordless phone frequencies as WiFi networks and many other electronic devices.

Plantronics CT14

Cordless Headset Telephone

The CT14 is the latest cordless headset telephone from Plantronics. It's a DECT 6.0 phone and hence has no issues with cordless phone interference, talk time, call clarity ... It's a top rated cordless phone that can be tucked into a pocket or clipped onto clothing.

It's far more useful than a cordless phone headset. A small dial pad enables users to not only answer calls, but to also dial out. The CT14 has all the regular features available on a high end cordless phone including caller ID and waiting. Multiple keypads (up to six) can share a line and users have intercom as well as three way conferencing facilities.


Cordless Phone with Headset

Almost a decade after GE and Plantronics introduced the first cordless phone with headset others are jumping on the band wagon. Some of the latest AT&T and Vtech phones are now bundled with an elegant DECT 6.0 phone that can be used as an earpiece to answer calls. There is no keypad so they can't be used to dial out in the same way as a Plantronics CT12 or 14.

Most Bluetooth cordless phones can also pair with Bluetooth earpieces and headsets. The advantage they offer is that users can dial out with either a cell phone or cordless handset. Better still there is no need to change headsets when going from car to house and visa versa.


The cordless headset telephone is definitely a success story for Plantronics. It has the benchmark product in a niche where demand is booming.

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