Small Business Telephone Systems
Better than VoIP Business Phone Systems

When evaluating small business telephone systems we begin with a three point check list. If they don't score three ticks we move on quickly to find a better solution. First of all we need to be convinced that small office phone systems are reliable and will do the job. Secondly, they must be easy to install and use. Finally, they need to be affordable. Surprising as it may seem this simple check list eliminates over fifty percent of the initial candidates.

We have found that while many small business telephone systems may appear terrific on paper (or the web) they simply don't live up to expectations. The most common offenders are small scale VoIP phone systems. It's easy to get excited about state of the art features and the beauty of digital communication, but don't forget to check out the basics. Speak to existing users and ask about support and the ease with which users become comfortable with systems. These are critical issues because few small business can survive for long without a fully functioning phone system.

The Best 4 Line Phone Systems

4 line cordless phones are without doubt the most cost effective of all small business telephone systems. Sadly there are only two serious options, but they are both rock solid, affordable and easily installed.

Cordless phones are ideal for use in small business environments. Multi-tasking is an essential skill and everyone needs to have the ability to speak on the phone while on the move. Corded handsets and hard wired extensions maybe fine in corporate bureaucracies, but they're definitely not conducive to efficiency or responsive customer service when used in a small business.

Other benefits of a 4 line cordless phone include the ability to use speakerphones, and or clip handsets onto a belt and go hands free with a cordless phone headset.

Above all expandable cordless phone systems are uncomplicated and easy to use. Millions of us use them every day at home. We install them ourselves and use them straight off the bat with few if any difficulties.

Latest 4 Line Cordless Phone Systems

Small Business Telephone Systems

Small business telephone systems must do a lot more than the average cordless home phone. For many years Panasonic KX-TG4500B was the benchmark. It's still popular but an ATT cordless phone is now the most popular option.

The AT&T SB67118 has much greater cordless phone range than the Panasonic cordless phone. If required range extenders can be added to further increase coverage. The ATT phone also supports Push-to-Talk or PTT. Handsets can be used like walkie talkies enabling users to more easily communicate in work place environments.

The ATT cordless phone supports up to ten cordless handsets versus eight on the Panasonic. No additional telephone wiring is required for handsets, just access to a power point.


Cordless phone systems do it all whether you require: music on hold, call recording, auto attendant, privacy, voicemail or a multi-line phone answering system. Better still they are affordable. While a small VoIP phone system can easily cost $3,000 or more, cordless small business telephone systems typically cost well under $1,000.

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4 Line Phone Systems - cordless systems are more often than not the best solution for a small business investing in it's first multi-line phone system.

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